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The 1910s Balls,
Parties & Socials


Formal dinner party

Charity ball
Hotel Utah, Salt Lake City, 1912

Barn dance

A dance program served three functions:
1) It listed pertinent information about the event....
dinner menu, chaperones and club officers.
2) Ladies wore it on their wrists as a dance card.
Each dance was listed, followed by a blank line.
A small pencil was attached, and young men reserved
dances with the ladies by writing their names on the blank lines.
3) It also made an excellent souvenir of a lovely evening.

Tea party in the garden

Outdoor social

A small party for the high school senior class.

In small towns, high school students usually formed
close-knit groups, since there were so few of them. The entire
class often attended social events together. House
parties, birthday parties and trips to the picture show were some of the fun
activities for teens in the 1910s.

At the fancy dress ball, 1910

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